B2B that feels like B2C

According to the latest trend of purchasing 90% of B2B clients are looking for sellers who offer the same type of easy, informative, and productive shopping experience as B2C stores. It implies majority of B2B buyers prefer online purchases straight from vendors. By keeping in view (the stats) Smart B2B sellers cater to this preference, simplifying the process for their buyers and develop new business relationships.

Dreamdesignz is well known as the One-Stop-Solution for B2C online store worldwide, but our extremely, modernized full featured platform is also perfect for B2B eCommerce brands. The tools included in the Dreamdesignz platform are made to scale with any type of business and enable you to sell anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Powerful B2B Ecommerce Features

Set your order quantities

Freely set minimum quantities for bulk discounts, or require items to be purchased in multiples of any number, per product.

Set your Price Discounts

Set pricing discounts based on order quantity, independent of customer group pricing and price levels. Bulk discounts can be combined with any other pricing options.

One-click reordering

Clients who make the same order on a regular basis can save this order in their account to be reordered with a single click.

Handle B2B and B2C simultaneously

With the use of customer groups and other versatile Quick Order Pad, you can sell to anyone, anywhere and anytime. If your business plan involves selling to both B2B and B2C Clients, separating and keeping track of them is a breeze.

Set up shipping through integrated carriers around the world, with the freedom to define shipping rates by customer group.

Calculate taxes on orders automatically, and create tax exemption rules for products, Clients, and customer groups as needed.

Integrate with your choice of multiple payment processors and provide offline payment methods with the ability to restrict them to certain customer groups.

Successful B2B online stores use Dreamdesignz

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Enterprise Businesses

Advanced eCommerce Functionality

Enterprises often have large inventories, which means additional requirements for product management. Without adequate tools, your business can face insurmountable challenges, so Dreamdesignz Enterprise includes the following advanced product management tools.

With Dreamdesignz’s Enterprise I plan, you’ll automatically get the following advanced shipping modules for your online store as Enterprise businesses usually have additional shipping and fulfillment needs due to their larger reach and wider customer base.

Handle Any Volume of Sales and Traffic

No limits for your business when running on Dreamdesignz Enterprise

Scalable eCommerce Hosting

Dreamdesignz Enterprise is ready to handle everything your online store needs, from its initial commencement, all the way up to 100s of millions in transactions.

Unlimited disk space

All plans include unlimited disk space for your product images and contents.

Fast Site Performance

Optimized for performance, your site will load lightning fast to your visitors, helping you convert every visitor into a sale.

Unlimited Email Hosting

You get access to unlimited emails. Our provided email hosting includes a webmail interface and support for mobile devices.

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ecommerce automation

Save time and labor with the best eCommerce automation tools

It’s a wonderful feeling to see your business grow. When you have more Clients, more profits, and greater success rolling in, every day is more exciting than the last. However, growth means your business will become more demanding, and you’ll find yourself busier than ever. This can present significant challenges — there are only so many hours in a day, after all!

Automating your eCommerce business is the key to taking much of that weight off your shoulders. With eCommerce automation, you can streamline the repetitive or mundane parts of your business that would otherwise start to consume too much of your time.

Some good examples of ecommerce automation for online businesses are:

New Clients who create an account on your store are sent a "Welcome" email.

New Clients whose first purchase exceeds a certain dollar amount are designated "high-value" and moved to a specific Customer Group.

All Clients are sent an email newsletter once a month, with regular Clients and high-value Clients receiving different versions.

Orders showing certain suspicious traits, like shipping and billing addresses that don't match, are flagged as high-risk for review as potential fraud.

Existing Clients who buy a specific item are sent an email about other suggested items that would complement their purchase.

All Clients receive an email 30 days after purchase to request a product review.

When inventory numbers fall below a certain threshold, a purchase order is automatically generated for you to send to your supplier.

Clients who leave items in their cart without completing a transaction receive email reminders as part of an abandoned cart recovery campaign.

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Subscription Software

Complete eCommerce Subscription Management Software

Subscription-based payments are a fantastic way to secure a consistent income for your business, while simultaneously pleasing your Clients with timed, regular deliveries of their favorite products. Plus, shoppers love subscriptions — they take away the pressure of remembering to place a new order. This is especially important for disposable products that need to be replenished regularly. Of course, subscriptions don’t always have to be strictly practical. Maybe your Clients would love to sign up for a regular delivery of free samples or collectibles!

Dreamdesignz’s Autoship™ subscription management software makes it simple to set up configurable, recurring billing and automatic shipping within minutes, so you can instantly add subscription capabilities to any product you desire.

Need some ideas?

the extra related features of subscription software and  how  it will  work    

Subscriptions need to be seamless from beginning to end, convenient for both you and your Clients. As long as you’re using a token-based payment gateway such as Authorize.Net, Braintree, or one of many others integrated with Dreamdesignz, your customer will be billed automatically when the time comes to process their next order. You’ll be informed just as if any regular order had been placed, so you can pack and ship the customer’s subscription item right away.

By offering subscriptions on your products, you’ll provide your Clients with a convenient, reliable, and cost-effective means of keeping their supply on hand. Once a customer identifies your business as a quality source for their needed items, they’re likely to stick around. Clients may sign up for multiple subscriptions to different products as they become more familiar with your catalog, and they’re also likely to buy additional products from time to time without a subscription.

Clients buy more when there’s less friction between them and their purchase. What could be smoother than a subscription with automatic billing? They’ll only need to go through checkout once, but you’ll make multiple sales from every subscription purchase. It’s a win-win situation for you and your Clients.

Subscription boxes are big these days — a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly delivery of a special package of randomly-selected or themed items. With recurring billing from Dreamdesignz, you can create your own subscription box and switch out its contents every time it goes out. This is a great way to get your Clients to try samples of new products or get them excited about building a collection. It all depends on the type of products you sell!

Subscriptions increase sales and earn consistent income for your business

Clients love convenience more than almost anything — it’s a big part of why they’re shopping online in the first place. People who frequently find themselves running out of a needed product, possibly at a very bad time, long for a way to “set and forget” a regular purchase of the products they need. This is especially handy when it comes to products a customer can’t purchase locally. In this case, not only do they need to remember to order the product, they also have to account for the time it takes to ship. Forgetting to reorder means a longer wait than a trip to the store, so a subscription becomes even more appealing.

For Any Industry and Any Business Model, DREAMDESIGNZ is the eCommerce Solution You Need